Martin Miazza Gifts

Learn about the rich history of Martin Miazza Gifts and the owner, Kennedy Miazza.


After extensive travel and living abroad for several years, my parents, Dot and Martin Miazza came home to Gulfport, MS. In 1966 they opened Martin Miazza Gifts, a specialty shop featuring top of the line products such as Wedgwood, Baccarat, Royal Crown Derby and many more high quality gifts and accessories. In 1987 they intoduced an item that would bring them to the attention of collectors throughout the United States. That item was the 1st Edition of the original Mississippi Christmas Ornament which my father designed. The first ornament was so well received and met with such immediate success that they extended the series to include dated Christmas ornaments for Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Florida.

1987 also marked the birth of another Martin Miazza exclusive, the original Mississippi Groceries. This wonderful array of spreads, jams, mustards and relishes were once only available at Martin Miazza Gifts, however, the demand has escalated to the point where the Miazzas have decided to offer Mississippi Groceries to other retail outlets to meet customer needs.

With a thriving specialty shop and two explosively successful exclusive lines, my parents were overwhelmed with activity. In 1991, I left my home in New York to take over the day to day operation of Martin Miazza Gifts. Come visit us and experience the warm and friendly ambiance of Martin Miazza Gifts.